It’s Back!

Yes, I am impressed with Apple Care. I went to Northridge for the 4pm appt. Although I didn’t get seen until around 4:10p, they confirmed that (a) it was dead, and (b) it wasn’t anything I did. Alas, they didn’t have a replacement in stock (note: you can’t replace black with silver), but they called around… and Sherman Oaks had one. They were even busier than Northridge, but by around 5:30pm, I was driving home with a replacement iPod.

Plugged it in, and after a few tries where Windows had trouble recognizing the device, iTunes prompted me to reset the device. I did, it reloaded the software, and started syncing around 6:00pm. A little over two hours later, and 16391 songs (including 32 podcasts) are synced to the new iPod. My arm is complete again.

P.S.: I believe it failed because I got over $2,000 in Solitare again. It just doesn’t want me to get above $2,000.