‘da Plume, ‘da Plume

Walking out of my house, I can see the plume of smoke again. It looks like the wind has shifted again.

I’ve tried to find out the extent of the file by means other than listening to KNX 1070. The City of Los Angeles (or the county, for that matter) is of no use. There’s just not a lot of info out there. However, the City of Calabasas is doing a great job of providing information. They summarize the mandatory and voluntary evacuations (even out of their city), provide a map of information, and even provide relatively recent updates. The fire had been moving south most of the day. Now it is moving north (indicating an “offshore” flow… i.e., a flow from the ocean, cooling things down), back towards the San Fernando Valley. Luckily, our house is nowhere near a fire area (we’re in the flatlands near Northridge Fashion Center).

I’m sure I’ll get to see the glow again: tonight is the “Open House” at my daughter’s new middle school.