Changing of the Seasons

The seasons have changed here in Los Angeles. Back east, you get the turning of the leaves. But seasons out here are different. We don’t have winter, spring, summer. No. We’ve got: Mud, Fog, Hot, and Fire. It’s fire season, boys and girls!

This morning, when I left for work, I could feel the hot wind. I was listening to the radio report about a small brush fire in Browns Canyon. This was hit with water dropping helecopters and put out by 8:00 am.

Tonight, as I left work, I could see the plumes of smoke. I thought initially the fire was in Malibu… but no, it was in Chatsworth. Tonight, driving the van back, I could see the glowing hillsides as I looked west along Mayall Street. The fire is a large one — I think over 1200 acres now. It started just N of the 118, and has been steadily burning to the south and west. There are concerns about Box Canyon and the northern end of Bell Canyon. I’m worried about my in-laws, who live in Rockpointe, which is next to Chatsworth Park South.

Of course, they are not worrying about the northern flank right now, because there are houses there. But that too is a worry, as the fire could easily move W into Porter Ranch, E into Simi Valley, or N into Santa Clarita. This is the same area that burned in October 2002 (from whence the image on this post comes).

I hate fire season.

P.S.: And boy, do the leaves make a mess in the pool. I just spent a good 1/2 hour netting the leaves in the pool. A great upper body workout, but am I schvitzin’