Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Sometimes, don’t you think you’re living in a game of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me?”

Which of the following quotes are real?

  • “To be honest, I worked on that so long ago I don’t really remember anything about it. But I must confess, I’m ashamed of being the person responsible for the phrase ‘the Oscar-nominated film “Norbit.”’”
    Rick Baker, nominee for Achievement in Makeup, “Norbit”

  • “I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort.
    Fred Thompson, former Presidential Candidate when pulling out of the race.

  • “Well, it was a challenging assignment, because we were in this big room filled with old car parts and hammers and stuff, and we had to smash them together at random and shout out ‘Ka-Pow! Ka-Pow!’ and ‘Bwoooosh!’ and ‘Shpeeee-oooooo! P-Tang!’ all day. So it’s nice to see all that effort getting recognized.”
    Ethan Van der Ryn, nominee for Achievement in Sound Editing, “Transformers”

  • “If there was a blond, half-naked chick running away from a guy with a chainsaw, I wouldn’t stop now. As callous and cold-hearted as it is to say that, I just can’t put myself at risk anymore.”
    Jason Brunelle, on why he won’t be a good samaritan again.

Alas, all of them are true.

P.S. I feel like I’m on the other side of the side of the age divide. Yesterday, ellipticcurve had no idea who Suzanne Pleshette was, other than she provided the voices of Yubaba and Zeniba in the English dub of “Spirited Away”. Today, Heath Ledger died… and I have no idea why there’s all this frenzy about it.