Some Unrelated Entries

  • For some reason, I’ve been very hesistant to connect my iPod to iTunes today. I hope it syncs when I do finally connect it.

    ETA: Hmmm, others are having a freezing problem… yup, seems to be a problem

  • We took this afternoon off to visit Universal Hollywood. They are now using a fingerprint reader for annual pass holders. I was curious to see some of the changes in store, such as the Curious George Wet Zone (not there yet), the removal of Marvel characters (not quite yet), and the progress on the Simpsons (there’s a fake Kwik-E-Mart). By the way, I do want to recommend the FunLand blog at the LA Times for theme park news, as well as the Re-Imagineering Blog.
  • I finished the march through the highways that I started in December. Now I just have to make a pass to see if there were any oddities in the statutes, or if Nathan uncovered any early routes I need to add. I’m just not worrying about the Freeway and Expressway system. But I think completing this project will be the extent of the January updates — my normal stuff will wait until February.

    When I upload the pages, however, it will be bad news for some folks. My software that generates the pages from the individual highway entries creates files with 8 highways per file. Those have been static for a while. However, doing the march I discovered two old routes, almost phantom routes, I didn’t have in my lists: 294 and 296. These two entries will potentially change the file assignment for everything above 294. Oh well, I guess that happens. I guess, when I upload, I should put a notice in misc.transport.road.

  • I’ve been thinking a bit about “the midlife crisis”, given what tomorrow is. I think another word for a midlife crisis is exhaustion. You’re just plain exhausted of adult responsibilities after so many year, and want to be childish, and have a child’s responsibilities again. In other words, thinking “If only I had just my chores, and didn’t have to provide a solid income for my family”. That’s what prompts the bursts of irrational behavior. Which reminds me… I really do need to schedule mine :-).