And It Gets Closer

As we inch closer to the Bat Mitzvah, we’re also getting closer to being ready for it and for the reception afterwards:

  • Name cards are done, with their charms tied on and hot-glued.
  • Goodie Bags are filled.
  • Cards, Bags, Candles and Posters go to the decorator tomorrow.
  • A crew is coming in to clean the house tomorrow.
  • We have the last missing song for the DJ in.
  • We have the Kaddish list in.

So, at this point, there’s not that much left to do… we need to pickup the handouts [done 12/19], and pick up the stuff for the after-party [they will deliver].

In other news, I got a Chanukah surprise. My father-in-law got me a beautiful wind-up, see-through pocket watch. Totally unexpected. After 23 years, I feel like Sally Field.