B-4 Days

Yup, the Bat Mitzvah is Saturday. Some observations on the process, as I took today off to do Bat Mitzvah stuff:

  • The most common response, when calling someone up to ask their Hebrew name for an Aliyah, is “Uhhhhh…..”
  • I’ve now written the final check to the decorator. He’ll take care of putting up the posters in the hall, as well as setting up the candle-lighting table.
  • We’ve dropped off music for the candle-lighting with the DJ.
  • We’re picking up the GF-challahs for the ceremony today (they’re frozen).
  • This afternoon will be the Bat Mitzvah rehearsal. Should be interesting. We’ll likely work on the table-cards during the rehearsal.
  • After the rehearsal, we will meet with the photographer to preview the “videolog”.
  • All that is left to do this week is finishing the table cards and dropping stuff off with the decorator, and doing the “goodie” bags.