Interesting Articles in the News

Today’s perusal of the papers brings some interesting articles that I found of interest, and would like to share:

  • From the “How To Fit In” Department: As we all know, if you are not part of mainstream society, it is often hard to fit in. This is especially true these days if you are muslim and living in the US. Fear not, however, a solution has been found. Join the Girl Scouts. Seriously, young muslim girls are discovering that wearing the sash reduces the fear, plus being part of a troop brings additional benefits and friendships. A very, very interesting article.
  • From the “He Tossed A Coin” Department: Have you been collecting those state quarters? Did you start and then stop? Well, the end may be in sight, as the Treasury department has announced the last five designs (OK, NM, AZ, AK, and HI). One interesting fact is that the US Government has made $3.8 billion off of this program in seigniorage (the difference between the face value of the coin and the manufacturing cost). The program is so successful that a bill to issue six more coins in 2009, honoring the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the United States Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands has been approved by the House of Representatives and is now awaiting action in the Senate banking committee.
  • From the “Woodsman, Spare That Tree” Department: A couple in Glendale CA has been fined almost $350,000 for trimming some trees around their house… after the city left them a note ordering them to trim their trees. Does this sound like an abuse of power? Does this sound like poor communication? It surely is. You can read their side of the story here.