Headlines in the News

Today brings another edition of “Headlines in the News”: specifically, those headlines that are written in such a way that you misinterpret them:

  • St. Louis Post Dispach: Mizzou’s Temple won’t play vs. OU. Now, I’m Jewish. I saw this as a congregation in Columbia MO refusing to do business with the largest Kosher organization, the Orthodox Union (OU). But, nooooo. It’s about a running back being injured and not playing against Oklahoma. Not what I was expecting.
  • Los Angeles Daily News: Church prefers bondage to strip club. Now, you and I might think this was about a kinky church that has a different way of penalizing sinners. But noooooo. It is actually about a strip club attempting to move into a former (ahem) meat market next to a bondage club, and a nearby church prefering the bondage club as a neighbor to the strip club.

So what’s your favorite misleading headline from today’s news?

Two other tidbits from today’s news:

  • Burger Continental Toasts. There was a fire at Burger Continental in Pasadena :-(. It is unclear when it will reopen.
  • Cosplay. Interesting article on cosplay in today’s Chicago Tribune.