Only In Southern California…

Today’s “Observations on the News” reflect things that are just so Southern California:

  • From the “I Wonder If He Saw The Washerwomen” Department: Lord Hefner of France visited the Southern California Renaissance Faire. Specifically, he visited the faire with his entourage in a medieval green robe to shoot the season finale of his reality television show, the “Girls Next Door.” Evidently, one of Hef’s girlfriends, Bridget Marquardt, is a faire regular, and even worked the faire when she was younger. According to the article, the entourage began their faire experience by joining the queen’s royal court during a jousting event, and then made their way through the faire, including stops at vendors, lunch with the queen, and a ride on the swing. First pirates, and then this. How come SoCalFaire’s starting to remind me of a limbo contest?
  • From the “Go Play On The Freeway” Department: The LA Times is reporting that there will be another “Play on the Freeway” day on the Route 210 freeway on June 23 to celebrate the completion of Route 210 (which connects Route 210 to Route 30, but Route 30 doesn’t really exist, for legislatively it is Route 210, so this is connecting the two ends of Route 210, one of which isn’t labeled Route 210… confused yet). Many years ago I had the opportunity to let my daughter play on the freeway during a Roadgeeks Meetup, but I didn’t let her (I didn’t want her going home to tell mom “I played on the freeway”).

    P.S. to larymotrmn: The Bottleneck Blog also has an article on Trains to Perris