April Updates to California Highways

Taking advantage of a quiet day when everyone else was out of the house, I decided to update the highway pages. There were just a few link updates this month. Next, I updated information on the following routes, based on my research(1), and contributions of information on leads (via direct mail or Usenet) from Timothy Edwards(2), and Jeremy V(3):Route 1(1), Route 23(1), Route 55(1), Route 107(1), Route 118(1), Route 134(1), Route 138 (High Desert Corridor)(1), I-5(2), LRN 109(3).

Updated the legislative information page. A number of bills were completely gutted and reworked.

Updated the statistics on the progress of the exit mile numbering. Thanks to Don Howe of Caltrans for this information.

Postponed reviewing the April CTC agenda — they seem to have removed the background book items I’ve been using.

Note to kaottic97: In the past, the Timed Agendas at the CTC Page included links to the background or book items supporting the agenda. These seem to have disappeared, and a different form of timed agenda has been put up. Do you know how to get the book items anymore? Do I need to go through the agenda and let you know which ones I want?