Reconnecting with the Past

Today, I got information (finally) on an event that I have been awaiting for at least 5 years.

My High School Reunion (30 years).

Yup. For some reason, as I grow older, I’m finding myself wanting to reconnect with high school folks more. I’ve monitored the alumni pages looking for news, and have even reconnected with some alumni on myspace (for some odd reason, I’m the only one from my class here on LJ). So I was very pleased to get a call from Joy Festa indicating that the reunion will be happening. It will be 11/10 at the Mountaingate Country Club. This will mean some slight schedule rearranging so we can also be at OERM for Thomas.

I don’t know why I’m excited about the reunion. It’s not like I was in the “in” group in high school. I hung around the math lab, ran the Computer Club with some friends, was in the 2nd tier “smart group” (1st tier were the AP folks). I was teased a lot, and was your typical nerd with a briefcase (no glasses). I’d say I’d show them I had outgrown that state, but when I said that to ellipticcurve, I think she had to hold the laugh in. So I’m not sure why: perhaps it is a means of reconnecting with the past.

I know some folks aren’t into their reunions. We never even heard about my wife’s 30th two years ago; I don’t think she associates with anyone from her high school. I guess it depends on what happened to you, and how you recall it through the mists of memory?

So, what about you? Would you go to your high school reunion? Would it need to be a certain number?