That Gets My Goat

Our infamous LJ mascot, frank, just posted about how one of his friends donated a goat to Oxfam as a holiday present to Frank. So I explored this, and I’m puzzed…

The UK Oxfam site that was cited in Frank’s post allows one to donate goats, alpacas, and donkeys. But these four-legged creatures are nowhere to be found on the American site, which only allows donation of a can of worms, a crocodile, a camel, a cow, or their best seller, a sheep. For reference, Oxfam Canada permits donation of goats, donkeys, and chickens. Australia permits donations of ducks and buffalo. Hong Kong also permits donation of goats. New Zealand also provides goats and donkeys. Even the Netherlands has donkeys. But not the US. Oxfam US is the only that that doesn’t have goats or donkeys.

All we have is sheep, cows, camels, and crocodiles. And sheeps are our best seller. Why no goats?

Lastly, I wonder if sheeps are a best seller simply due to Texas A&M students.