Cooling off…

Well, the new refrigerator is in. Of course, what they don’t tell you is that it takes about 24 hours to stabilize to temperature, meanwhile most of your food is in coolers, hopefully not defrosting. We’ve done one run for dry ice so far. Actually, the freezer is around 10°F, so we’ve loaded some there. The refrigerator is still at about 41.6°F, so it needs to stabilize before we load it. Luckily, the most perishable refrigerator stuff is in the outside refrigerator.

We also had to get a water filter for the fridge, as Best Buy inexplicably removed it. Luckily, we went up there and they provided one gratis. The fridge also came with no manuals, but I’ve already registered it, and the manual is online.

I should note that the old refrigerator had a long life. The tag on the back indicated the icemaker was installed in 1986, so it made it through two moves and 20 years. That’s pretty good for a refrigerator.

Actually, the ice chest thing shouldn’t surprise me. I think this is one of those weeks. Driving the van to work this morning, we had to clear a line of trashcans that kids has across the entire street.