The Next Mel Brooks Musical

Folks may remember the Mel Brooks movie The Producers, which became a musical, and then a movie musical. So what’s next to tread the Broadway stage? The answer: Young Frankenstein!

According to Playbill.Com, casting has been announced for an upcoming workshop of the musical “Young Frankenstein”: Brian D’Arcy James will play the title role of Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder in the movie). Kristin Chenoweth will play Elizabeth, the good doctor’s chilly fiance (Madeline Kahn in the movie). Sutton Foster will play Inga, the role created by Teri Garr. Tarzan star Shuler Hensley will be the Monster. Thoroughly Modern Millie actor Marc Kudisch is the police inspector who suspects Dr. Frankenstein. Cloris Leachman will re-create the role of horse-frightening Frau Blucher. Roger Bart will be the hunchback Igor (pronounced “EYE-gore”). Susan Stroman, who guided Brooks and Meehan’s The Producers to success, will direct.

Meanwhile, on the Monty Python side of things, is also reporting that the next Python musical is “Not the Messiah,” a 50-minute oratorio based on the 1979 film “Life of Brian.” The commissioned work will be a part of 2007’s Luminato, the Toronto Festival of Arts Culture and Creativity, at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on June 1, 2, and 4 (all at 7:30 PM) in 2007. But this one is not Broadway-bound, as Idle noted, “I’m not sure people would allow ‘The Life of Brian’ on stage today. You think people would really have a finale where people are crucified? I’m not sure people are ready for this.” He is working, however, on another Broadway musical, although details have not been disclosed.

Sounds interesting.