The {proof} is in the Acting: A Younger Perspective

As NSS&F is taking a drama class this year, her teacher asked her to write a review of the show last night. Here is her review:



Robert: Michael Levine
Catherine: Kristen Paige
Harold Dobbs: Phillip Peck
Claire: Rebekah Dunn
All were members of Actors Equity


Proof is about a mathematician’s daughter, and what happens after the death of the mathematician (Robert). Robert was what you may call a insane mathematician and he was terribly ill, at least mentally. After his death, one of his students, who is now a Professor (Harold) wants to sort through his items. His daughter who took care of him (Catherine) doesn’t want his help, or anyone’s help, even her sister from New York, Claire, who flies out to help after the death of her father, for one weekend. Scene 4 of Act I is when Catherine gives Harold a key to a drawer. This drawer contains a notebook, upon which holds a much longed for, proof, to an equation. Harold believes that the notebook was Robert’s work, and so does Claire. Catherine says, that the proof was hers, not her fathers. After every one being in denial of Catherine, she goes, well, insane, like her father. Claire wants Catherine to move to New York with her, while Claire resists. The conclusion, is that the notebook was Catherine’s, and the proof, was in fact, written by her.


For me this was the first actual drama I have seen. I have seen musicals and comedies before and they are all so different from each other. Proof was very engaging and had a strong message. All of the actors did a wonderful job, and really brought this show to life. Proof was quite the opposite of any comedy I have seen. Though there were some funny parts to it, it had a serious plot line. I also thought that the actors pulled off a very good geek impression, which can be hard to do. I know that Proof was a movie, and you can’t just compare the live performance to a movie. To me a movie and a theatrical performance are two different monsters. When you see something live on stage, you are really pulled into it, and you feel as if you are there. And no matter how wonderful the movie is, you still know, that it is on a screen, and playing from some sort of tape. When it is live, you feel live. This was a wonderful performance and the cast did an excellent job of portraying the story.