The CDs I Need

Whilst working on my last entry, I went out to the Austin Lounge Lizards website to see if they had the lyrics to Big Tex’s Girl (“Howdy, folks. Welcome to the State Fair of Texas”). In doing so, I discovered some wonderous news:

Our new album, “The Drugs I Need,” will be released October 10, 2006. Look for it in fine record stores near you. It will also be available (along with all other Austin Lounge Lizards’ merchandise), through our website.

Yea! A new Lizards CD. Now I can listen to “The Drugs I Need” as I drive! All together now…

You’ve got a headache, and I’ve got some strange disease
Don’t worry about it, this pill will set your mind at ease.
Its called Progenatorivox: its made by Squabbmerleco
It’s a life enhancing miracle, but there are somethings you should know:

It may cause:
agitation, palpitations, excessive salivation,
constipation, male lactation, rust-colored urination,
hallucitations, bad vibrations, mild electric shock sensations.
But its worth it, for the drugs I need.

Hopefully, they’ll have all of their political videos on the CD. Those of you in the SF Bay Area are also lucky, as they’ll be up your way:

  • Friday, October 6. Palms Playhouse, Main St., Winters, CA, 530-795-1825,
  • Saturday, October 7. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 2:25 PM

Alas, they haven’t been down in Southern California for about 4 years, ‘da bums.