Planning for 2008

Yet another vanpool discussion this morning. ellipticcurve and I were discussed our leadership in Washington, and how it isn’t worth impeaching or removing any of them because the replacements aren’t much better. We then talked about the Democratic potential for 2008, and ellipticcurve noted that governors have the best chances of winning. So what Democratic governors will have good visibility, and potential good name recognition.

Consider Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) of Louisiana. Consider:

  • She’s from the south, and thus has a good chance of winning the southern vote.
  • Presuming she manages her state’s recovery efforts, she’ll have demonstrated leadership in crisis conditions.
  • She’s a “she”: It’s about time we had a women leading things.
  • She’s not a lawyer: she’s a businesswomen and a teacher.

Can we all say, “hmmmmm…..”