Caption This Picture

(This picture is credited to M. Spencer Green/Associated Press, and appears in today’s New York Times)

Some of mine:

  • And they were “this big”.
  • Well I’ve just toured this house, and everything seem hunky-dory to me. I don’t see any problems, as long as you have insurance and are Republican.
    (Actually, this is a rework of something said by someone on the street Cheney toured, who noted “They’ve picked a nice neighborhood where people have insurance and most are Republicans.”)

  • I think the progress we’re making is significant. I think the performance, in general, at least in terms of the information I’ve received from locals, is definitely very impressive.
    (OK, this one isn’t mine. Cheney actually did say this)

I’ll note that Cheney toured in Mississippi. In general, Mississippi officials have been much more complimentary of the federal hurricane response than those from Louisiana and, particularly, New Orleans. Consider this: Louisiana has a Democrat governor, and New Orleans a Democrat mayor. It has one senator from each party. Mississippi has a Republican governor, and two Republican senators (including Trent Lott). Alabama is all Republican, except for one congresscritter. Do you think politics had anything to do with the speed of the response?