🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering November-December 2021

The following is the change log for the November-December 2021 updates to the California Highways pages:

2021 is done. You had such promise, 2021. Why did you have to piss it away by falling in with the low-life loser crowd? Luckily, there were a growing number that put the public good over blatant self-interest. Not far enough, though.

For me and my family, the end of 2021 has been hard. My wife fell the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and broke her knee and the surrounding bones. She was in acute care for a week, then in-patient rehab for two more weeks (meaning three weeks of travel back and forth between Northridge and Burbank), and now is getting in-home rehab — with no weight bearing until the end of February. This has added caregiving to the load—I don’t mind doing it, but it does add to the work and stress.

But the hospital was there when we needed it, because the people in the area headed the pleadings of the scientists and got vaccinated. This meant that there was acute care and rehab space. Many throughout this country are no so lucky. Hospitals are overloaded, and the new Ο (Omicron) variant doesn’t help with its faster spread. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue: The nation came together for the sake of the common good and to fight a common enemy in the first half of the 20th century. We saw our “freedoms” temporarily limited during WWI and WWII through rationing and other controls, and cheerfully did it to bring the nation out of a crisis. But that attitude of America coming together to fight a common foe has been lost today. Whether it is poor leadership or leaders taking advantage of a crisis for their political power, what should be a common fight against a public health enemy has become partisan. Move beyond that partisanship. Just like the nation stepped up for their Polio and Smallpox vaccines to defeat those public health scourges, step up and get your COVID vaccines and boosters unless there are legitimate medical reasons not to do so. Together we can fight this, so we can get back out on the roads. If there are any questions I can answer to ally your vaccine hesitancy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Those reading this on ꜲRoads will miss my usual pleadings related to Mr. Spike Protein and his antics over the last two years, because some feel that public health is a partisan issue. Those who want to see my pleadings can go over to the full Changelog on the site; those who want to stick their heads in the sand can go to (a city in Michigan). All I’ll say is that you know what you can do to help make 2022 better, and help bring the nation (and the world) out of this crisis, so we can get back on the roads and stumble headfirst into the next one.

But let’s turn our attention to something more pleasant: the roads of the great state of California. From the rural areas in the far northern environs of the state to border commerce in the south, from the deserts of Nevada and Arizona to the Pacific; from the great Sierra mountains to the depths of Death Valley; from the urban areas to rural farmland—California has a vast road network to maintain and grow. It is a network that is vital to the success of the state: its commerce, its people, its growth. It is the mission of the California Highways website to document that network: its history, its peculiarities, and the significant changes that are coming down the road. It is a journey we go on together… once you show proof of vaccination and your boosters, and you wear your mask. After all, I have a sick wife at home, and what you do with respect to communicable diseases impacts not just you, but the broader community.

So here are your updates covering the months of November and December:

Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the (virtual) papers in November and December 2021 (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum (Ꜳ). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(ℱ), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or ꜲRoads) from Concrete Bob(2) , Tom Fearer(3)mrsman(4): Route 1(ℱ), Route 3(ℱ), I-5(ℱ), US 6(3), I-8(ℱ), Pre-1961 Route 10(3), Route 11(ℱ,3), I-15(ℱ), Route 25(ℱ), Route 37(ℱ), Route 42(3), Route 43(ℱ), Route 46(ℱ), Route 70(ℱ), Route 84(ℱ), Route 96(ℱ), Route 99(ℱ,3), US 101(ℱ,3), Route 125(ℱ), Route 129(ℱ), Capitol Southeast Connector/Route 148(2), Route 152(ℱ),  Route 156(ℱ), Route 174(ℱ), Route 182(3), US 199(3), Route 247(ℱ), Route 260(4), Route 263(ℱ), Route 266(3), Route 299(3), US 395(ℱ), US 399(3), I-580(ℱ), I-880(4), Route 905(ℱ,3).
(Source: private email, Highway headline posts through December 2021 as indicated, AARoads through 12/31/2021)

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamiliar with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many “non-substantive changes” and “gut and amend” bills), I’ve added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. A new fiscal year starts October 1, but the legislature does not reconvene until January 2022. As such, there were no new bills or resolutions from either chamber of the state legislature.

I checked California Transportation Commission page for the results of the December 2021 meeting of the  California Transportation Commission. As always, note that I tend not to track items that do not impact these pages — i.e., pavement rehabilitation or replacement, landscaping, drainage, culverts, roadside facilities, charging stations, or other things that do not impact the routing or history, unless they are really significant. As such, the following items were of interest:

[ Note: ° indicates items that were below the level of detail for updating the specific route pages; ♠ is an indicator used to keep track of what has been added to the pages; ❧  indicates the results from the meeting, if the meeting minutes were available. ]

2.1a. STIP/SHOPP Program/Project Amendments

♠ (1) SHOPP Amendments for Approval: Request to:
(Related Items under Ref. 2.5b.(1) and 2.5b.(2))

  • Add 28 new projects into the 2020 SHOPP. (2.1a.(1a)  and 2.1a.(1b))
  • Revise 51 projects currently programmed in the 2020 SHOPP.  (2.1a.(1d), 2.1a.(1e), and 2.1a.(1f))

Of these, the following projects/allocation were at the level of interest for the highway pages (general, these are significant new structures or changes, as opposed to repair or rehabilitation in place; additions of bike paths, pedestrian, or complete street elements; or non-visible changes). In particular, the December agenda contained numerous Major Damage Restoration items from the various mid-Summer fires and fire complexes, as well as repairs related to PEH (People Experiencing Homelessness); it also included a lot of Polyester Concrete overlays to bridge decks—none of which made it into the highway pages:

  • (1a) #14. 03-Sut-99 PM 25.0/26.0. PPNO 03-8383; ProjID 0319000070; EA 4H870. Route 99 Near Yuba City, from 0.6 mile south to 0.4 mile north of Oswald Road.  Construct intersection improvements. Allocation ($1000s;  indicates phase not funded): PA&ED $0; PS&E $2,150; R/W Sup $620; Con Sup $1,770; R/W Cap $745; Const Cap $9,300; TOTAL $14,585. Begin Const 6/16/2025.
  • (1d) #3. 03-Pla-80 PM R26.5/28.8. PPNO 03-5131; ProjID 0318000017; EA 3H590. I-80 Near Applegate, from east of Crother Road Overcrossing to east of Weimar Overhead; also near Magra from PM 39.5 to PM 41.3; also near Emigrant Gap from PM 53.0 to PM 54.7.  Rehabilitate roadway, construct truck climbing lanes in eastbound direction, widen shoulders, replace or widen structures, upgrade median barrier and Transportation Management System (TMS) elements. Note: Increase R/W capital due to the need to acquire additional parcels including a railroad easement and additional utility relocations. Delay project by one year to allow additional time for cultural resource studies caused by an increased project environmental footprint. Allocation changes ($1000s;  indicates phase not funded): Con Sup: FY22-23 ⇒ FY23-24; R/W Cap: $1,000 FY22-23 ⇒ $2,972 FY 23-24; Const Cap FY22-23 ⇒ FY23-24. Total $113,500 ⇒ $115,472.
  • (1d) #10. 04-SCl-82 PM R11.4/26.4. PPNO 04-2021B; Proj ID 0418000032; EA 0P980. Route 82 In the cities of Santa Clara and Palo Alto, at De La Cruz Boulevard Overcrossing (OC) No. 37-0214 (PM R11.38), Mayfield Pedestrian Undercrossing (UC) No. 37-0091 (PM 24.15), University Avenue OC No. 37-0092 (PM 25.88), and San Francisquito Creek Bridge No. 37-0018 (PM 26.36).  Upgrade bridge rails at three locations and abandon the Mayfield Pedestrian UC. Note: Update performance based on the latest available bridge data. Increase construction capital due to additional bridge widenings to accomodate bike and pedestrian accessability, increased cost for structural and roadway items, and signal and lighting upgrades.  Additional structural and electrical work increased the number of contract working days, thus increasing the construction support cost. Allocation changes ($1,000s): Con Sup $1,031 ⇒ $1,350; Const Cap $1,922 ⇒ $6,202.
  • (1d) #38. 10-SJ-120 PM 11.6. PPNO 10-3477; ProjID 1019000084; EA 1K460. Route 120 Near Manteca, at French Camp Road. Construct roundabout. Construct signalized intersection. Note: Update description due to change in intersection safety improvement from roundabout to signalized intersection. Update to performance measure is due to change in preferred alternative. Reduction in right of way capital is due to less parcels and fewer utility relocations needed based on signalized intersection.  Reduce construction capital due to lower cost to build a signalized intersection. Allocation changes ($1,000s): R/W Cap $2,453 ⇒ $700; Const Cap $8,083 ⇒ $7,699.

♠ (2) STIP Amendment for Action: The Department proposes to program $24,900,000 of  Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act)  Surface Transportation Block Grant Program–Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program funds to the Route 11/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry – Segment 3A project in San Diego County. (PPNO 0999F)

2.1b. STIP Program/Project Amendments/Approvals for Notice

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.1c. TCIF Baseline Amendments

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.1s. TCEP Baseline Amendments

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.2a. Submittal of Notice of Preparation for Comments

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.2b. Submittal of Notice of Documents Available for Comment (DEIRs)

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.2c. Approval of Projects for New Public Road Connection / Future Consideration of Funding

♠ (1) Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding:
(° indicates items that were below the level of detail for updating the specific route pages)

  • 01-Men-01, PM 6.4/6.8, 9.2/9.5 Gualala Shoulders Project  Widen the shoulders on Route 1 in Mendocino County. (MND) (PPNO 4630) (SHOPP)
  • 02-Sis-96, PM 43.5/57.0. Portuguese Creek and Cade Creek Fish Passage Project. Replace existing culverts with bridges at Cade Creek and Portuguese Creek on Route 96 in Siskiyou County. (ND) (PPNO 3620) (SHOPP) (Related Item under Ref. 2.5b.(2))
  • 06-Ker-43, PM 25.1/25.3; 06-Ker-46, PM 51.0/51.4. Wasco State Route 43/State Route 46 Intersection Improvements. Construct a single-lane roundabout on a two-lane roundabout footprint and other improvements at the east junction intersection of Route 43 and Route 46 and J Street in Kern County. (MND) (PPNO 6982) (SHOPP) (Related Item under Ref. 2.5b.(2))
  • °12-Ora-405, PM 0.2/11.4. I-405 Multi-Asset Project Extend life expectancy of pavement, improve safety and efficiency for all modes of travelers and provide the ability to collect, analyze, and utilize data for systems performance along the I-405 in Orange County.  (ND) (PPNO 5040D) (SHOPP) (Related Item under Ref. 2.5b.(2))

2.3a. Route Adoptions

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.3b. New Public Road Connection

♠ One New Public Road Connection: 06-Tul-99-PM 26.8 New Public Road Connection to Route 99 at International Agri-Center Way in the city of Tulare in Tulare County

2.3c. Relinquishments

♠ Three Relinquishment Resolutions:

  • 01-Hum-101-PM 79.16. Right of way along US 101 on 5th Street and R Street, in the city of Eureka.
  • 01-DN-101-PM 8.1. Right of way along US 101 on Requa Road, in the county of Del Norte.
  • 04-Ala-880-PM 28.6/28.8. Right of way along I-880 on East 9th Street and Lisbon Avenue, in the city of Oakland.

2.3d. Vacations

♠ One Vacation Resolution: 06-Fre-180-PM R77.30/R77.61 Right of way along Route 180 on South Reed Avenue and East Kings Canyon Road in the city of Fresno.

2.5a Minor Projects

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.5b. Financial Allocations for SHOPP Projects / Federal Discretionary Grant Funds

♠ (1) Request of $98,871,000 for 21 SHOPP projects. This month, there were a bunch of culvert rehabilitation projects (which are not of interest for the highway pages).
(Related Item under Ref. 2.1a.(1))

Of these, the following were of interest for the highway pages (a few of these are more minor projects, but for routes that haven’t seen any love gotten any attention in a while):

  • #8. $12,900,000. 03-Sac-51 2.0/3.5. PPNO 03-6402A; ProjID 0322000009; EA 3F071. Route 51 (a/k/a Business Route 80) In the city of Sacramento, from north of B Street Underpass to north of Exposition Boulevard Overcrossing at the American River Bridge № 24-0003 and Cal Expo Undercrossing № 24-0133.  Outcome/Output: Early Work Package No. 1 for Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) parent project EA 3F070.  Clear vegetation, construct equipment access, relocate Valley Elderberry bushes, and procure steel sheet piles and foundation piles. Allocation: CON ENG $900,000; CONST 12,000,000. (Future consideration of funding approved under Resolution E-21-19; March 2021.) (Concurrent Amendment under SHOPP Amendment  20H-012; December 2021.)
  • #20. $6,752,000. 08-Riv-111 47.3/55.3. PPNO 08-3007U; ProjID 0817000230; EA 0R302. Route 111 In Palm Springs, from Golf Club Drive to Gateway Drive. Outcome/Output: Reconstruct and construct curb ramps, add detectable warning surfaces, reconstruct sidewalks, and add pedestrian crosswalk push buttons to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Allocation: CON ENG $2,590,000; CONST $6,647,000.

♠ (2) Request of $84,993,000 $84,903,000 for 91 90 2020 SHOPP preconstruction project phases for design and R/W support. (2a): SHOPP support phases; (2b) SHOPP Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) support phases.
(Related Items under Ref. 2.1a.(1) and 2.2c.(1))

Of these, the following were of interest for the highway pages (for the (2b) items, there was a lot of culvert repair and polyester concrete overlays this month—none of which are of at the level of interest for the highway pages):

  • (2a) #1. 02-Las-44 6.5/7.1. PPNO 02-3796; ProjID 0220000106; EA 1J570. Route 44 Near Old Station, from 6.5 miles east to 7.1 miles east of Shasta County line. Curve improvement. Allocation: R/W SUP $90,000.  Withdrawn Prior to the CTC Meeting
  • (2a) #2. 04-Nap-29 33.1. PPNO 04-1464K; ProjID 0416000037; EA 4J990. Route 29 Near Calistoga, at 0.3 mile south of Bothe-Napa Valley State Park entrance at Ritchie Creek Bridge № 21-0057.  Replace bridge to improve fish passage barriers at the site for compliance unit credits towards statewide National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit mandate goals. (Future consideration of funding approved under Resolution E-21-74; August 2021.) Allocation: PS&E $1,521,000 ($1,300,000 programmed); R/W SUP $195,000 ($167,000 programmed).
  • (2a) #6. 06-Ker-43 25.2/25.4. PPNO 06-6982; ProjID 0618000131; EA 0X770. Route 43 In Wasco, from Route 46 to south of Gromer Avenue. Improve safety by constructing a roundabout. (Concurrent consideration of funding under Resolution E-21-102; December 2021.) (Six month time extension for PS&E and R/W  Sup approved under Waiver 21-59; June 2021.) Allocation: PS&E $1,400,000; R/W SUP $1,000,000.
  • (2a) #8. 07-LA-138 33.0/33.2. PPNO 07-5573; ProjID 0719000171; EA 36490. Route 138 Near Lancaster, at the intersection with 60th Street West. Construct roundabout. Allocation: PS&E $2,600,000 ($2,215,000 programmed); R/W SUP $755,000 ($635,000 programmed).
  • (2a) #13. 10-Mer-99 0.4/R12.7. PPNO 10-3510; ProjID 1020000183; EA 1L310. Route 99 In and near the city of Merced, from north of the Madera County line to south of East Childs Avenue. Construct median barrier.  Allocation: PS&E $1,384,000; R/W SUP $51,000.

♠ (5) Request an allocation of $15,300,000 for the Right of Way Capital phase for the Roadway Rehabilitation SHOPP project, on Route 70, in Yuba County, programmed through FY 2023-24. (PPNO 9820)

2.5c Financial Allocations for STIP Projects

♠ (1) Request of $35,468,000 for the State-Administered STIP Livingston Widening Southbound project, on the State Highway System (Route 99, 10-Mer-99 28.2/R37.3), in Merced County. (PPNO 0161B)

♠ (4) Allocation Amendment – State Transportation Improvement Program Project: Request to amend Resolution FP-20-04, originally approved in August 2020 for the STIP Route 99 Tagus 6-Lane Widening (Combined) project (PPNO 6400G; 06-Tul-99 30.6/35.2) in Tulare County, to add language to the vote box to split off for the Tagus Replacement Planting Mitigation child project (PPNO 6400H) and reduce the overall STIP allocation from $73,451,000 to $69,351,000 for the parent project.

2.5d Allocations for Projects with Costs that Exceed 20 Percent of the Programmed Amount

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.5e Supplemental Fund Allocations

♠ (1) Request for an additional $3,500,000 (55.4 percent increase) in Pre-Construction Support, Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase, for the SHOPP Bridge Replacement project on Route 1 (Albion River Bridge № 10-0136), in Mendocino County.  (EA 40110, PPNO 4490)

♠ (4) Request for an additional $1,374,000 (24.4 percent increase) in Construction Capital for the SHOPP Bridge Rehabilitation project on Route 156, in Monterey County.  (EA 0A090, PPNO 0900A)

2.5f Financial Allocations for SHOPP

♠ Informational Reports on Allocations Under Delegated Authority:

  • Emergency G-11 Allocations (2.5f.(1)): $95,252,600 for 19 projects.
  • SHOPP Safety Sub-Allocations (2.5f.(3)):   $23,847,000 for four projects.
  • Minor G-05-16 Allocations (2.5f.(4)):  $5,983,000 for six projects

Of these, the following were of interest for the highway pages:

  • (1) #9. $3,850,000. 05-Mon-1 29.6/36.8. PPNO 05-3041; ProjID 0521000015; EA 1N410. Route 1 Near Big Sur, from 1.5 miles north of Big Creek Bridge to 0.6 mile north of Julia Via Bridge; also from 0.9 mile to 0.5 mile south of Big Creek Bridge (PM 27.2/27.6).  Heavy rainfall on January 27th and 28th caused large debris flows and a major washout at Rat Creek. The larger than normal debris flow is due to the Dolan Fire that burned over 128,000 acres in August 2020.  The high intensity storms combined with fire damage debris lead to a blocked existing sixty-six inch drainage pipe that conveyed the flow under the embankment.  Runoff began to pond behind the roadway embankment until it overtopped the highway.  Resulting drainage water overtopping eroded the fill on the downstream side, and eventually eroded across both lanes.  This project will clear mud and debris, clear culvert inlets in the area, and place an enhanced embankment solution and pavement to restore the eroded roadway.  A first supplemental was necessary to repair damage that was initially unknown due to limited access at the time. Approximately 190,000 cubic yards of debris were removed versus the 25,000 cubic yards that were originally estimated in addition to four drainage locations that were originally not identified.  A second supplemental was necessary due to higher cost associated with limited access to the outlet that will require specialized equipment, increase in unit cost for tunneling, and additional Rock Slope Protection (RSP).  This third supplemental is necessary to stabilize an additional 6,000 SF of embankment, 4,000 cubic yards of excavation and removal, and 8,000 tons of additional RSP.
  • (3) #2. $2,747,000. 06-Fre-145 0.0/33.6. PPNO 06-6975; ProjID 0619000020; EA 0Y420. Route 145 Near Kerman, from Route 5 to Church Avenue. Outcome/Output: Improve safety by constructing  centerline and shoulder rumble strips.  This project will reduce the number and severity of collisions.

2.5g Prop 1B Project Allocations

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.5s Senate Bill 1 Programs Project Allocations Local Partnership Program (LPP) Allocations

♠ (1) Request of $1,629,000 for the State-Administered LPP-Formulaic Turner Road Interchange Operational improvements project, on Route 99 on the State Highway System, in San Joaquin County. (PPNO 3045)

♠ (9) Request of $52,918,000,000 for the State-Administered multi-funded STIP/LPP (Formulaic and Competitive) Interstate 680 Southbound Express Lane from Route 84 to Alcosta Boulevard project, on the State Highway System, in Alameda County. (PPNO 2905F)
(Related Item under Ref. 2.5d.(1))

2.5t Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP) Allocations

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.5w Active Transportation Program (ATP) Allocations

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

2.6g Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) Allocations

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

4. TCIF and Aeronautic Program Updates / Policy Matters

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

Other Matters/Public Comment

There were no items of interest for this agenda item in the reviewed minutes.

FREQUENTLY USED TERMS IN CTC MINUTES: California Transportation Commission (Commission or CTC), California Department of Transportation (Department or Caltrans), Regional Improvement Program (RIP), Interregional Improvement Program (IIP), State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP), Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP), Public Transportation Account (PTA), Clean Air and Transportation Improvement Act of 1990 (Proposition 116), High Speed Passenger Train Bond Program (Proposition 1A), Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 1B), Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA), State Route 99 Bond Program (RTE or SR 99), Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Account (LBSRA), Trade Corridors Improvement Fund (TCIF), Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Account (HRCSA), State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP), Traffic Light Synchronization Program (TLSP), Letter of No Prejudice (LONP), Environmental Phase (PA&ED), Design Phase (PS&E), Right of Way (R/W), Fiscal Year (FY), Active Transportation Program (ATP), Intercity Rail (ICR), California Aid to Airports Program (CAAP), Acquisition & Development (A&D), Transit and Inter-City Rail Capital Program (TIRCP), Transportation Facilities Account (TFA), Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP), Local Partnership Program (LPP), Local Streets and Roads Program (LSRP), Solutions for Congested Corridors Program (SCCP).


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