Resting by the River

Well, we made it safely to Sacramento. Our plans for while we are here:

Today. Dinner with rose42dance and the Nosan-Blanks, followed by services at Or Rishon.

Saturday. We’ll likely go to Or Rishon again to see the Rabbi again. We might do something in the afternoon with them, or we might go to the Crocker Art Museum to see their M.C. Escher exhibition. Anyone interested in joining us to see Escher?

Sunday. Gaming with klellingson and crew. My wife might go shopping, either alone or with LJ folks, if anyone is interested.

Monday. Brunch with barelyproper at The Farmers Kitchen in Davis (see this entry) at 10:00am, followed by spending the day with ellipticcurve‘s Worlds-Cutest-NephewTM, and his family.

Tuesday. Returning to San Jose, possibly stopping at the Western Railway Museum on the way back.