(meme) Past Cars

I sort of did this in my last post, but then countfroggy picked it up as a meme.

List all the cars that you’ve owned/have been part of your household. Include small size images, if you can find them. A good way to get images is to grab them from the thumbnails on images.google.com.

1. 1968 Buick Skylark. My first car of my own. Olive green, 4 door. V-8 engine. Perhaps 10 mpg, if I was lucky. This car was indestructable; I remember shifting it from D to R with no transmission damage. Modified the radio so I could plug in my big clunky cassette player. It was a nice large car for parking up on dirt Mulholland, if you get my drift.
2. 1977 Toyota Corona. White. I got this after my grandfather died; he picked it out. Luxury, with velour seats. My main memories of this car include driving out to the valley to visit a girl I was infatuated with, and proposing to my wife in it.
3. 1982 Datsun Stanza Hatchback. Silver. Manual shift. This was my wife’s car, replacing a suicidal VW Rabbit. But after a point, it became my car, and we drove it into the ground. The car was indestructable.
4. 1985 Nissan Stanza Coupe. 4 door. Yellow. Bought to replace the ’77 Corona. Didn’t run this into the ground, as I recall exhaust system problems, or problems with the CV boot.
5. 1992 Mecury Sable. Lt. Brown, 4 door. Bought to replace the ’85 Stanza; we’ll never buy Ford again. Had the transmission fall out on the freeway. At that moment, we decided it was going. Was never quite quiet after we drove to hot springs near Mammoth.
6. 1999 Honda Civic DX Hatchback. Silver. Bought to replace the ’81 Stanza. My car (sob). Died an untimely death by being tipped (sob) with only 55,790 miles on it. A wonderful car.
7. 1996 Toyota Camry. White. Bought used to replace the ’92 Sable. A wonderful car, but it gave its life to a drunk driver saving GFG. Discovered when we traded it in that there had been body damage repairs we were never told about. That’s why we won’t buy used.
8. 2002 Honda CR-V. White. Bought to replace the ’96 Camry. My wife’s car. She loves it. I’m not that crazy about it, but if she loves it…
9. 2006 Toyota Matrix. Silver. We’re picking this up at 2:30pm to replace my Civic. Oh, it’s just about time to go…