Vehicle Update #2

We’re picking up the car at Frontier Toyota at 2:30pm tomorrow. The Auto Club buying service really does simplify things. My arm will be complete again, and perhaps some of the stress since the incident will go down. Then it will be only waiting for the check from the insurance company.

Folks will notice that the userpic has been updated to reflect the correct car (in the color we’re getting), with a little bit of a pun included. Note that I can’t escape silver cars, it seems: my 1999 Honda Civic DX Hatchback was silver, and the 1982 Nissan Datsun Stanza hatchback that the Civic replaced was silver. That Stanza, however, was originally GFG’s car — the history of my cars is: 1968 Olive Green Buick Skylark -> 1977 White Toyota Corona -> 1985 light-yellow Nissan Stanza sedan -> 1992 beige Mercury Sable (it was at this point that GFG got the Sable and I got her Stanza) -> 1996 white Toyota Camry -> 2002 white Honda CR-V (the one in my travel userpic)).