Hollywood Fringe Festival – Downselect Help Needed


I need your help in planning my Fringe schedule. The following was in my most recent theatre writeup about my plans for the Hollywood Fringe Festival (FB). I’m working on the schedule now. The shows of interest are as follows — however, the total for tickets is over $700, which is way too high. I need help paring down this list. Not all of these are currently in our schedule (¤ unscheduled as of now). If you know of any discounts for these shows, or have recommendations / disrecommendations, please let us know. Note that I’m generally restricted to Fringing on the weekends (living in the valley and working full-time).


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    1. We’re seeing it 6/17 — I think I’ve already got the tickets. Unfortunately, you don’t start seeing the discount codes until it is closer to Fringe, which hurts those of us that ticket early.

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