To Tell The Truth

Today is April Fools Day. On one hand, the day seems unnecessary, as we have elected the biggest (or should I say yugist or bigly) April Fool to the White House. But that doesn’t make you laugh; that just makes you run for cover and want to hide for four years (hopefully less). But this election has also ushered in the era of fake news, which makes every day April Fools Day. You never knew which news stories you read are true and which are not. So the following are some more stories I’ve seen over the last few days.  You assess, fake or real?

  1. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Yes, if there is anything we need, is it is ghost exorcist — someone trained to remove humans from where they are not supposed to be — like the White House. But first, the BJ will visit Broadway.
  2. Set Phasers on Kill. George Takei has announced that he is running for Congress in 2018, against Devon Nunes. This will be after he stars in a remount of Pacific Overtures.
  3. Viewing Porn Safely. With all the changes in the Internet, a major porn site has announced it is turning on encryption all the time.
  4. Gay Characters in Disney Movies. Continuing the trend of having gay characters in Disney movies, Disney have announced that the live-action Lion King will feature a gay Simba.
  5. Metro Extension. LA Metro has decided to continue the “subway to the sea” saga, and is extending the Expo line to Catalina.
  6. Paige! TLC has announced that, given these poor economic times, it is bringing back Trading Spaces.  The plans are, for the first episode, for two political families in Washington to trade spaces. There are also rumors that While You Were Out is next, with the first target being Trump Tower.
  7. Tony Categories. Given the presence of the Cats revival, the upcoming Groundhog Day, and similar shows, the Tony Award committee has announced an award for the best leading animal on Broadway.
  8. More EPA Cuts. There are more cuts in the work at the EPA, including to pesticide safety and water runoff.  Documents reveal that concern that someone will use a pesticide to get rid of a family of invasive pests in public housing.
  9. Vending Machine Changes . Vending machines are being modified to introduce a short delay when you get unhealthy snacks, in order to make you satisfy your immediate urges healthier.
  10. Microsoft Goes Open Source. Microsoft is changing. First there was a Linux shell in Windows 10. Then Microsoft joined Linux Foundation. Now Microsoft has announced they are going open source.

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