(meme) What’s Your Screen?

A lunchtime meme, artfully prepared by terpsichoros:

  1. Take a screencap of your desktop. On Windows, to do this, simply press “Print Screen” (prt sc) button. Then open your graphics program-o-choice, press CTRL + V, and save the image as a JPEG. M’self, I did a screen capture in PaintShopPro and then optimized it.
  2. Upload the screen cap to your image server. Don’t have one yet? Use Photobucket. Or Imageshack. Or Livejournal Pictures (if you are a paid user).
  3. Reply to this entry with your screencap or a link to your screencap. Include explanations you feel are necessary.
  4. Post your cap in YOUR LJ along with these instructions.

So, here goes. Click on the image to get the full version.


  • Raise your hands: How many folks made sure your desktop was appropriate before saving it (i.e., no actual work stuff displayed, made the points you wanted it to make)?
  • Yes, you do see almost every tool under the sun available. I’m a (deep booming voice) power-user.