The Drugs I Need

The Austin Lounge Lizards just sent me mail that they’ve been up to something a little different of late— they had a commission to write a song about the pharmaceutical industry for the Consumers’ Union. It is wonderful. The result is a weird cartoon-animated video of the song.

The drugs I need. Yeah!

So what have we been doing this weekend? Well, I’ve been burning CDs from Vinyl; I’ve done about six so far. I’ve also done about seven loads of laundry. We’ve also been spending a lot of time with ellipticcurve, helping her on her house hunt. We’ve driven through potential neighborhoods, shown her the good and the bad, and gotten her in touch with a real good broker friend (who sold us our house, and at whose house our daughter had her baby shower). So, for a weekend without much planned, we’re exhausted!

Hope your weekend was good!