Better Warn the Pantages….

Cabrillo Userpicuserpic=colonyuserpic=repeastI’m three for three.

All three of the theaters at which I subscribed at the end of 2015 have gone dark or belly up.

  • REP just went silent; there have been no newsletters or messages to subscribers since December. A 2016 season was never announced. An old message on the grapevine said they might be back in August. We’ll see.
  • The Colony Theatre announced they were cancelling the last two shows of their seasons, and there was no prognosis for the future. One could “donate” the remainder of the tickets for a tax write-off, or wait to see if something emerges. No offers of refunds. At least the Colony had the decency to tell subscribers before the media.
  • Cabrillo Music Theatre announced today that they were closing up shop at the Civic Arts Plaza at the end of this season. The next season was cancelled, and the future is unknown. The TO Civic Arts Plaza will be refunding subscriptions and donations. They informed the media and Facebook before they sent the mail to subscribers.

First, someone better warn the Pantages — we just subscribed there. It also makes me think twice about subscribing at the Pasadena Playhouse: it looks like companies that have come out of financial problems remain shaky and unsteady. and Pasadena is only a few years out.

So here’s my question: We traditionally have had three subscriptions: one intimate, one mid-size, and one large. Arguably, the large is now the Pantages. So where should we consider for the intimate and the mid-size? I’ve got my ideas, but I’d like to hear your suggestions.


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    1. Santa Barbara is a bit of a drive from Northridge. I looked at Rubicon — their season this year wasn’t of interest, but they are a possibility. Again, a bit of a drive for a subscription.

  1. Glendale Centre Theatre, family owned and run for 0ver 50 years. Musicals and plays. in season. Family friendly. Theater in round. Only down side is not live orchestra.

    1. I’ve heard of them for years, although I’ve never seen a show there. I’ll look into it. I want to make sure they aren’t doing too many things I’ve already seen.

  2. Gary Marshall’s Falcn Theater in Toluca Lake. Mostly small cast productions. Very professional. Some touring and some locally produced.

    1. Again, I’ve heard good things about the Falcon. They tend not to put up discount tickets, so I haven’t tried them yet (that’s how I usually get introduced to a particular theatre).

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