Interesting Games in the Pipeline

userpic=gamingContinuing the process of clearing out the backed up links while on vacation. Today’s collection relates to gaming. I’ve seen three interesting games come across my RSS feeds recently, and all look like things worth exploring. Part of our problem is that we’ve been without a gaming group (other than SoCal Games Days) for a few years, ever since Lauren died and Nicole moved out of the Valley. So we’ve acquired some new games, but have no one to play them with 😞. Still, we might aquire these. Live local to Northridge? Care to come over and play?

  • Ticket To Ride UK/PA. Evidently Days of Wonder has been continuing to add to the Ticket to Ride series. We love the game, but don’t have all the expansions (in particular, I’d be interested in the 2 player Nordic Countries expansion). We have the base game, Europe, Märklin, 1910, and the Switzerland version. So I read with interest the announcement of new expansion maps: Ticket to Ride UK/Pennsylvania. The changes they are making to the train system sound intriguing.
  • Patchwork. A mention in one of my RSS feeds led me to the game Patchwork, a two-player game where players compete to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) patchwork quilt on a personal 9×9 game board. Given I’ve got a wife into the fabric arts, and we need some more two-player games, this sounds worth ordering. [ETA: Dennis Donovan also pointed me to another quilting related game: Quilt Show]
  • Sushi Go. This game was discovered by a mention on Boing Boing: Sushi Go. This is a card game where you choose a card from your hand and then pass the rest to the player on your left (receiving a new hand from the player on your right). The goal is to score the most points by strategically collecting groups of sushi (or a piece of sushi and a spot of wasabi to dip it in) while working to block your opponents from collecting what they need. Each type of sushi has a different value, which is listed at the bottom of the card. For instance, egg nigiri is worth one point per card, while sashimi is worth ten points for every three you collect.  According to BGG, it seems to accommodate 2 players as well.