🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering Sept – Oct 2023

With respect to the highway pages, I’ve been busy the last few months. Writing podcast episodes. Recording podcast episodes. Collecting headlines. Incorporating headlines. Reviewing all the sources I review, plus researching scripts. The result: some piping hot updates for you. I’m please to announce that the updates for September and October (with a little bit of November, as least from AARoads) are done. I”ll take a bit of a breather for the conference, and then work on incorporating headlines from the last two months of the year. As always, “ready, set, discuss”.

This update covers September and October, and perhaps some of November 2023. Before we dive into the updates to the California Highways site, an update on the California Highways: Route by Route podcast. As always, you can keep up with the show at the podcast’s forever home at https://www.caroutebyroute.org , the show’s page on Spotify for Podcasters, or you can subscribe through your favorite podcaster or via the RSS feeds (CARxRSpotify for Podcasters) . The following episodes have been posted since the last update:

Turning to the updates to the California Highways pages: Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the (virtual) papers and my research for the podcast in September and October 2023 (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum (Ꜳ). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(ℱ), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or ꜲRoads) from Anneliese Agren(2), Tom Fearer(3), Megan Löwenberg(4), Joel Windmiller(5): Route 1(ℱ,2), LRN 2(ℱ), I-5(ℱ), I-10(3), Sign Route 10(3), Route 13(ℱ), Sign Route 14(3), Sign Route 18(3), Route 20(ℱ), Route 23(ℱ), Sign Route 24(5), Route 30(4), Route 33(ℱ), Route 34(ℱ), Route 37(ℱ), US 40A(5), Route 46(ℱ), Route 47(ℱ), LRN 56(ℱ), Route 58(ℱ), US 60(3), Route 70(ℱ,5), US 70(3), Route 71(ℱ,3), Route 90(ℱ), Route 91(ℱ,3), AZ Route 95(ℱ,3), Route 98(3), Route 99(ℱ), US 101(ℱ,3,5), Route 110(ℱ), Route 113(5), Sign Route 118(ℱ), Route 121(ℱ), Sign Route 126(ℱ), Route 131(ℱ,2), Route 135(ℱ), LRN 153(ℱ), LRN 154(ℱ), Route 210(ℱ), Route 215(3), Route 226(3), Route 230(3),  Route 232(ℱ), Route 251(2), Route 274(3), US 395(5), I-405(ℱ), I-580(ℱ),  I-980(ℱ), County Sign Route J14(3), County Sign Route J18(3), County Sign Route J19(3), County Sign Route N1(ℱ).
(Source: private email through 11/23/2023, Highway headline posts through the October Headline post, AARoads through 11/23/2023)

While doing research for the California Highways: Route by Route podcast, in addition to the changes to specific route pages, I identified some useful broader resources. Some of these used to be on Caltrans pages, but were lost during the accessibility remediation, if not before. Through my research, and with the help of Anneliese Agren(2), these have been made available on this website as indicated:

Added some new resources to the Maps page:  Auto Club of California Strip Maps (1916-1920)David Smoller Map Collection (2201 maps covering primarily California, including Auto Club maps). I also received a pointer to a San Diego specific index of maps in the San Diego library, but couldn’t find the links to the maps themselves. I was also provided a resource for dating old Auto Club maps. Thanks to Vic Turner for finding these resources. Adding a link to USGS Topoview.

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the California Legislature site, for bills through 2023-10-15. Although this was about a month before posting these updates, it was sufficient to catch what the governor signed in the 2023 legislative session. New bill introduction will be captured in the next update. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamiliar with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many “non-substantive changes” and “gut and amend” bills), I’ve added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. Noted the passage (or veto) of the following bills and resolutions:

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