🛣 Updates to the California Highways Web Pages | August – November 2019

As promised, the posting of the November headlines was the lead in to the bigger post: the semi-periodic update to the California Highways web pages.  This took a month to work in: reviewing four months of headlines, loads of posts on AAroads, all the stuff the legislature has done, and the CTC minutes for August, October, and December. I’ve also started adding pictures, where I can, where there are naming resolutions — to put a face with the name. Here’s the summary of the changes. Lots of interesting stuff, if you read through.

It’s been a few months. That means it’s time for another update. But first, some site redesign news … which is still no news. I have written a Javascript routine to handle the redirects once I move the individual route pages to one per page, so that old links don’t break. But other aspects are still pending my learning more about responsive design, and figure out how I want to improve indexing of the original route pages (I want to make it so you can jump directly to a section or subsection). I also still need to figure out exactly how I want the site to look. On the editor front: I’m still using Amaya as the main editor even thought it is no longer updated. I’ve been experimenting with both BlueGriffon and Pinegrow to see which generates the cleanest code and is easiest to use. But each has their quirks in the code that they generate.

I’ve also been hesitant in this update because of the Caltrans rework I mentioned in the last update. Many typical resources and pages are not available and are still pending remediation. My offer still stands to Caltrans: I will be glad to host any unremediated information — or will find someone to do so if the information doesn’t fit in this site — pending remediation and rehosting on the Caltrans website. I am already hosting the Bridge Logs on my my Caltrans Resources page.

Moving on to the updates, starting with headlines, emailed items, and AAroads forum updates: Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the papers (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum. This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail) from Brian Scott Anderson(2), Mike Ballard(3), Concrete Bob on AARoads(4), Mike Boultinghouse(5), DT Composer on AARoads(6), Sahand Cyrusian(7), Tom Fearer(8), Mark Fuqueron(9), Jeffe at AARoads(10), Nick Karels(11), Cameron Kaiser on AARoads(12), Plutonic Panda on AARoads(13), Scott Parker on AARoads(14), Chris Sampang on AARoads(15): Route 1(1,8), Route 2(1), I-5(1,14), US 6(3), Route 7(1), I-10(1), LRN 10(8), Route 11(1), Route 12(1,11), Pre-1963 Route 14(1,14), I-15(12), Route 16(1), Route 18(1,8,14), Route 20(1), Route 21(8), Route 23(1), Route 24(8), Route 25(1), Route 29(1), Route 34(1,8), Route 35(1), Route 37(1), Route 39(1), US 40(8,14), Route 44(1), Route 46(1), US 40(8), US 50(1,8), Route 53(1), Route 58(1,8), Route 60(1), US 60(8), Route 61(1), Route 63(1,8), Route 65(8,4), US 66(5), Route 68(1), Route 70(1), US 70(8), Route 71(1,14), Route 74(1,8), Route 75(1), Route 78(1), Route 79(1,8,14), I-80(1), Route 82(1), Route 83(1,8,14), Route 84(1), Route 88(1), Route 89(1), Route 91(1,8,13), US 91(1,14), Route 92(1), Route 99(1), US 99(2,3,8), US 101(1,8,10), Route 102(8), Route 104(1), Route 107(14), Route 110(1), Route 111(1,8), Route 113(1), Route 118(1,8), Route 119(1), Route 120(8), Route 132(1,8), Route 138 (High Desert Corridor)(1), Route 140(8), Route 141(11), Route 143(8,4), Route 144(8), Route 145(1), LRN 146(1), Route 148(8), Route 150(8), Route 154(8,6), Route 156(8), Route 160(1,8,14,15), Route 162(1,8), Route 163(1), Route 165(1,8), Route 168(8), LRN 175(1), Route 177(1,8), Route 178(8), LRN 178(1), LRN 181(1), Route 183(8), Route 189(8), Route 192(1,8), Route 193(8,14), Route 195(1,8), Route 198(8), I-210(1), Route 214(1), Route 217(8), Route 220(1), Route 221(1,8,14), Route 224(8), Route 225(8), Route 227(1), Route 231(8), Route 232(8), Route 237(1), Route 239(8), Route 241(1,9,13), Route 243(1,8), Route 244(8,4), Route 246(8), Route 257(14), Route 282(1), Route 371(1,8,14), I-380(1), US 395(1), I-405(1), I-580(1,8), I-605(1), I-680(1,8), I-710(1), Route 740(8), County Sign Route B1(1,8), County Sign Route G4(1), County Sign Route J4(8), County Sign Route J14(1,8), County Sign Route J19(1,8,14), County Sign Route J132(8), County Sign Route R1(8), County Sign Route R3(1,8), County Sign Route S32(1), CR 66(7).

Added some more information to the El Camino Real page. Updated information on the numbering of Forest Routes.

Noted the following Caltrans pages are still broken: All the links to the highway exit numbering PDFs from Cal-Nexus.

I have made the decision that, for the naming resolutions, I’ve decided to start putting pictures of the honoree or dedication if I can find them. Our remembrances need to be more than a meaningless name on a highway. Although I believe there are better ways to remember someone than naming a stretch of road after them, if the family is going to go to that effort, I should make the effort to make the backstory on the person available, and to put a face with the name. This will be done piecemeal as I work on pages, but as of the time I have uploaded this, I have completed Route 1 through Route 5.

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the new California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamilair with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many “non-substantive changes” and “gut and amend” bills), I’ve added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. I’ll slowly be going back and adding pictures as I have the time. I noted the passage or veto of the following bills and resolutions:

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