🛣️ Changes to the California Highways Website – October/November 2018

What did you do over the Thanksgiving weekend? Me? I didn’t eat turkey; instead, I finished updating the California Highways web pages with all the changes accumulated since the end of June.

You can thank me later. For now, read on, McDuff.

After two updates that added maps to every route page, it’s time to do a regular update. As I’ve written before, I’m do some remodeling around here. Over the past year, the site has been moved to HTTPS: all the time, and (as noted) maps will be added. I’ve gotten a book on Responsive Design, and after I read it, I’ll be moving the site to a responsive design, together with some basic graphic changes of the headers and menus. I have no plans to change the content or my method of content generation. As always, I’m on the lookout for a good WSYWYG with “Tags Mode” HTML editor that I like (both of the ones I use, HoTMetaL Pro and Amaya are abandonware). You can see my thoughts on what I would like from the redesign here; it also explains how the site is generated.

Moving on to the updates: Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the papers (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the “Observations Along The Road” and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum. This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail) from Tom Fearer​ (​Max Rockatansky)(2), Andy Field(3), Mark F/AARoads(4), Gonelookin/AARoads(5), Alex Nitzman(6), Joe Rouse(7), Chris Sampang(8), Sparker/AARoads(9), Jim Umbach(10), Joel Windmiller(11): Route 1(1,2), Route 2(1), Route 4(1,2), I-5(1,2), US 6(2), Route 8(1,2), Route 9(1,8), Route 11(1), Route 12(1,2), Route 14(1), I-15(1,9,6,10), Route 16(11,8,9), Route 20(2), LRN 23(2), Route 24(11,8,9), Route 25(1), Route 26(2), Route 28(2), Route 29(1), Route 30(8), Route 31(9), Route 32(1), Route 33(2,9), LRN 34(2), Route 36(1), Route 37(1), Route 41(1), Route 42(1), Route 44(8), Route 49(1,2), US 50(1,2,5), Route 51(2,9,7), Route 52(1), Route 57(1), Route 58(1,2,8), Route 60(1), Route 61(1), Route 65(1,2), Route 74 (including the Mid-County Parkway)(1), Route 76(1), Route 79(1), I-80(1,2,9,7), Route 82(1,8), Route 84(1), Route 85(1), Route 88(2), Route 89(1,2), Route 92(8), US 97(2), Route 99(1,2,11,9), US 101(1,9), Route 108(1,2), Route 110(1),Route 111(1), Route 118(1,9), Route 122(9), Route 128(1), LRN 129(1,2), Route 132(1,2,9), LRN 136(1,2), Route 138(1), Route 141(6), Route 155(1,2), Route 156(1), Route 161(2), Route 163(1), Route 166(1), Route 174(2), Route 188(2), Route 190(1,2), Route 196(9), Route 198(1), Route 201(1), Route 202(2), I-210(1), I-215(1), Route 211(1,2), I-215(1), Route 216(1), Route 221(1), Route 229(2), Route 237(1), Route 238(1,9), Route 241(1,4), Route 249(9), Route 263(1), Route 267(2), Route 275(1), Route 276(1,2), Route 283(1), Route 299(1,2), US 395(1), Route 371(1), I-380(1), I-405(1), US 466(2), I-580(1), I-680(1), I-710(1), I-780(6), County Sign Route E2 – Capitol Southeast Connector(3,8), County Sign Route E15(2), County Sign Route E18(2), County Sign Route G1(2), County Sign Route J16(2), County Sign Route J22(2), County Sign Route J28(2), County Sign Route J29(2), County Sign Route J37(2), County Sign Route J41(2), County Sign Route N2(1), County Sign Route N3(1).

Noted the useful responses to an AAroad query for when I move to the “one highway per page” as part of Phase 3 of the site refresh.

Updated the Chronology based on the Caltrans chronology.

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