Getting High

As you may have noted from my recent posts, I’m in Colorado Springs on business. Now, I’ve been out to the Springs before, and the altitude here never affected me. But this trip is is just killing me. I’ve had a headache that rarely goes away (including a bad migraine last night, and mini-migraines almost daily)… when I’ve been going 2-3 weeks between migraines at home. I’ve seen my appitite disappearing (tonight I didn’t even finish an 8oz steak at Outback). I’ve had the odd breathing issues (especially today after a fire evacuation drill at the site I was at: four stories of staircases up and down… the up elevators hadn’t returned to normal after the drill). I’ve been tired, but having a hell of a time sleeping.

I’m beginning to think it is the altitude. A local travel magazine indicated that altitude related symptoms include fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea, and difficulty sleeping. Before you ask: yes, I’ve been attempting to drink plenty of liquids. Still, I will be really glad when I fly home on Thursday.


Going To Big “D”

It now looks like I’ll be going to Dallas TX at the end of October to attend a conference. I just got asked if I’ll need a rental car. Opinions? The cost really isn’t the issue: the question is, given the conference hotel, will I likely need the car? If there’s enough in the area to provide dinner and such, I’ll just use a shuttle from the airport and be done with it. But if I’ll need a car to get places in the evening, I’ll get it.

[I’ll also be in Baltimore MD (actually, just outside BWI) in early September, but only for two nights. That’s for a different workshop.]


Things We (or I) Know In The News

  • From the “A Bridge Across The River El Segundo” Department: Guess who’s company made the news for building a bridge? Reminds me of the days when we had a tunnel between 2500 and 2400.
  • From the “Say What You Want To Say” Department: An interesting article on free speech online has a positive mention of Livejournal’s recent changes… and their past fiasco, near the bottom.